GDPR Compliance

The Multi Academy has always treated the data that you give use with the highest of security and processed with in the guide lines of the DPA and this will be the same under the new GDPR. The Multi Academy is working hard to meet the needs of the new regulation and is under taken a review of its current policies and where needed updated or introduced new ones.  Due to the nature of the Board of Directors meeting schedules some of the new/updated policies are waiting to be fully ratified.

Please see below the Policies and procedures documents relevant to the Multi Academy GDPR compliant.

Data Protection (GDPR) (nr)

Photography and Videos Policy (nr)

Freedom of Information Policy

CTTV Policy (nr)

Mobile Phone Policy (nr)

Bring your own Device (BYOD) (nr)

Privacy Notice Pupils and their Families (review date 02/07/2018)