About St. John Paul II Multi Academy

The St. John Paul II Multi Academy is made up of both secondary and primary schools that include Bishop Walsh Catholic School, St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, St. Nicholas Catholic Primary School, Holy Cross Catholic Primary School, SS Mary and John Catholic Primary School, SS Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School, Sacred Heart Primary School, St Edmund Campion School and Abbey Catholic Primary School.

The Academy is overseen by the Board of Directors. The Directors are appointed by the Archdiocese of Birmingham. The Multi-Academy was created in January 2014 and takes its name from St. John Paul II.


Our motto is ‘Be Not Afraid’.  St. John Paul II used these words of Jesus to encourage all Catholics in the modern world when he stood on the balcony of St. Peter’s immediately after his election as Pope in October 1978.

The schools in the St. John Paul II Multi-Academy will be inspirational, academically rigorous and innovative, achieving standards of excellence in all settings, supported by exceptional, talented and caring staff who reflect the love of Jesus Christ.  We seek to assist parents and guardians by educating our young people so they live happy lives, flourish in our society concerned for others before themselves.  The Board of Directors of the SJPPIMA place the highest priority the following key principles:


Catholicity – all we do is to further the greater glory of God

Solidarity – we are all responsible for each other

Subsidiarity – allowing people to be able to contribute to decision-making at all levels.




The values of Jesus Christ underpin everything we do. These gospel values emanate from love and service and are fundamental to all we do.  These values represent the set of standards under which all of us in the St. John Paul II Multi-Academy work, and against which our performance will be assessed and rewarded.  We aim to assist our young people to find their vocation(s) in life


Service and Sacrifice

We serve our young people making sure we set an example of sacrifice so that they are at the centre of all that we do

Tolerance and Peace

We encourage our young people to be tolerant as we celebrate of the diverse nature of society whilst seeking peace in order to be children of God.  All are welcome in the SJPIIMA.

Faith-filled and Intentional

We aspire to be full of faith in our relations with others and with God; being intentional at all times so that we are fair, ethical and open in all we do

Learned and Curious

We use our energy, skills and resources to help form learned and curious young people who will work hard to have as many life chances as possible.

Hopeful and Resilient

We will encourage all to be hopeful. Instant success may not come as easily to all so we encourage our young people to be resilient.

 Purity and Holiness

We want our young people so that they are pure in heart; living a spiritual life of holiness.

Respect and Truth

We respect and value those we work with and the contribution that they make.  We are truthful in what we say about ourselves and others in the pursuit of justice.

Forgiveness and Mercy

We forgive others and oneself so demonstrating to our young people the mercy of God’s love.  Jesus teaches us that we can always start again.