About St. John Paul II Multi Academy

The St. John Paul II Multi Academy is made up of both secondary and primary schools that include Bishop Walsh Catholic School, St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, St. Nicholas Catholic Primary School, Holy Cross Catholic Primary School, SS Mary and John Catholic Primary School and SS Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School. Other schools will join the Academy during 2019.

The Academy is overseen by the Board of Directors. The Directors are appointed by the Archdiocese of Birmingham. The Multi-Academy was created in January 2014 and take’s its name from St. John Paul II.

The list of current Directors can be viewed below.

St John Paul II Multi Academy Board of Directors

Fr N Bayliss (Chair)
Mrs P Platt
Mr R Baizley
Mr B Coeulle
Dr, M Shakespeare MBE
Mrs L Meehan
Mrs M Stirrop (Vice-Chair)
Mr T Marshall
Mr J Holland
Mrs S Cook (clerk to BoD)